Without Timely Treatment a Chipped Tooth Could Suffer From a Severe Cavity

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Chipped teeth often have an unpleasant texture which can irritate your tongue, cheek and other soft oral tissues. Even if a compromised tooth is free from discomfort and doesn’t develop immediate sensitivity, it could still be at risk for more significant complications.

As time goes on plaque and residual food particles can start to build up in the abnormal texture of the fractured tooth enamel. If the bacterial deposits aren’t cleared away by your oral hygiene practices, they could gradually start to foster a new cavity.

If you procrastinate professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Klaudia Falkovsky or Dr. Andrew Falkovsky, the growing area of tooth decay could quickly spread beyond the tooth’s enamel layer to affect the sensitive dentin and pulp layers within the tooth.

Early signs that the tooth is in distress could include a feeling of discomfort or heightened sensitivity. As the problem escalates you might notice a gradually worsening toothache.

If the tooth decay significantly affects the pulp or root of the tooth, our dentist may need to perform a root canal to completely remove the tooth’s enamel layer as well as the compromised core structures. Then we will prepare an abutment with the necessary strength to anchor a dental crown.

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