Without Timely Treatment a Chipped Tooth Could Suffer From a Severe Cavity

Chipped teeth often have an unpleasant texture which can irritate your tongue, cheek and other soft oral tissues. Even if a compromised tooth is free from discomfort and doesn’t develop immediate sensitivity, it could still be at risk for more significant complications. As time goes on plaque and residual food particles can start to build up in the abnormal texture... read more »

A Minor Cavity Can Often Be Treated by Applying a Dental Filling

Having a dentist administer a dental checkup, every six months is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. Each of these appointments will remove plaque buildup and hardened tartar from your teeth, as well as polishing away minor dental stains. The dental exam portion of the appointment will also identify any early signs of gum disease, tooth decay and early signs... read more »

How Can I Protect a Crowned Tooth?

Dental crowns make useful tools for protecting teeth that have either been broken or succumbed to decay. They act like shields, keeping bacteria that can cause decay off those teeth. However, they cannot do this job alone. They require your help to protect the teeth they protect from decay. Crowns cover the majority of the teeth they rest on, but... read more »