The All-On-Four dental procedure is a great option for patients who have failing teeth, bad teeth, missing teeth, or wearing dentures and would like a better option. It is a very cost effective option for replacing either the top or the bottom set of teeth or even both.

All-On-Four is revolutionary procedure that allows us to support an entire set of teeth on only four dental implants. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone. It is then used as an anchor to attach and retain individual crowns, bridges, or dentures. It made out of the same type of material as orthopedic hip replacements and knee replacements. The dental implants are placed in a specific arrangement, which allows for such a small number of implants to support a whole set of missing teeth. You no longer need an implant for each tooth that you are replacing, making the cost of treatment much more affordable. Prior to the procedure you will have a few appointments to obtain records and measurements, so that we can make you the best smile possible prior to the day of the procedure. On the day of the procedure you will walk out of the office with a beautiful brand new smile! This will be a transitional prosthesis, which will be replaced with a permanent prosthesis in five to six months.

There are many benefits to the All-On-Four treatment:

  • Look and function like natural teeth.
  • Prevent the “sunken in and collapsed” look of aging.
  • Minimally invasive and require fewer implants than traditional techniques.
  • There is no need for you to remove them for cleaning and maintenance. They stay in your mouth, and you can brush and irrigate like natural teeth.
  • You can enjoy all of your favorite foods, even steak!

Our skilled dentists will be able to help you understand the All-On-Four technique and if it is the right treatment for your unique situation. To learn more about All-On-Four in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we invite you to call Falko Family Dental at 803-324-3277 today. Our team is excited to help you smile your best!