Care For Your Teeth With a Dental Cleaning and Exam

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While we urge you to brush and floss, we also want you to know that visiting our office for a semi-annual checkup can further help you fortify your mouth against problems. Here is how we can help you.

We make a careful examination of your mouth to ensure that you do not have any issues trying to make themselves at home there. If cavities, gingivitis or other dental problems are trying to take root, we can help you conquer them so you can remain comfortable. Taking x-rays of your teeth and examining them can help us find issues that might be hidden from view, like cysts and abscesses, and we can help you deal with those as well.

Our cleaning services can help you prevent a few problems by attacking their causes, and we can help your smile look more appealing while we are at it. We can help you avoid cavities, gum disease and other similar problems by scraping the plaque and tartar off of your teeth and gums. By applying a special paste, we can combat some of the stains on your teeth and polish them up for a more luminescent smile.

As you can see, you can benefit from visiting Falko Family Dental in Rock Hill, South Carolina every six months preventing and dealing with problems. Dr. Klaudia Falkovsky and Dr Andrew Falkovsky are happy to serve you. Please call 803.324.3277 if you would like to set up an appointment with us.