A Minor Cavity Can Often Be Treated by Applying a Dental Filling

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Having a dentist administer a dental checkup, every six months is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. Each of these appointments will remove plaque buildup and hardened tartar from your teeth, as well as polishing away minor dental stains. The dental exam portion of the appointment will also identify any early signs of gum disease, tooth decay and early signs of oral cancer.

If our dentist finds an active area of tooth decay they will help you understand your possible treatment options. Sometimes a tooth with a minor cavity can be treated by applying a dental filling.

The treatment process typically requires a second appointment. It starts with one of our skilled dentists, Drs. Klaudia or Andrew Falkovsky, numbing the tooth and surrounding gums. Once you are comfortable they will carefully remove all areas of compromised tooth enamel while also preparing the surface to receive the dental filling material.

A composite dental filling is often the preferred option for treating an area of tooth decay that will appear when you smile. They are created from a special material that can be shaded to match natural tooth enamel to seamlessly blend with the rest of the tooth.

Once the composite dental filling has been applied our dentist will harden it with a special ultraviolet light, which will also securely bond it to the surrounding tooth enamel.

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